Stogies & Bogeys is a world class cigar shop located in Lone Tree, just 15 minutes south of Denver, Colorado. We carry over 600 boxes of only premium, hand-made cigars. We proudly carry some of the rarest cigars in the world like Padron Aniversario, Opus X, Ashton ESG and more. Our store also has a wide selection of cigar accessories like cigar humidors, cutters, ashtrays, lighters and flasks. 

Our intimate cigar lounge seats 16 people on our plush leather sofas with 2 TVs and professional ventilation. Unlike any other cigar shops in Denver or anywhere in Colorado, we have a full bar and a food selection as well. 



Stogies & Bogeys launched in 2001, just 2 months after the tragedy of 9/11. I had successfully convinced my wife (at the time) that we should take all of our wedding money and open a business. I was only a few years out of college, but I knew I was not going to win ”employee of the year” working for someone else. In fact, I was that guy who would steal your office supplies. 

Cigars were my biggest passion, and my cubicle job felt way too much like a scene out of the movie Office Space (complete with Swingline stapler and toner cartridge tragedies.) I needed the freedom of owning my own business to thrive. So with that little bit of wedding money and $5,000 I had saved from my Bar Mitzvah, our first business was born.

When I opened my first kiosk at Park Meadows Mall, we were one of the only cigar shops in the entire region. It went even better than expected – we quickly outgrew our first kiosk for a much larger one, and had an incredibly successful 4-year run at the mall. Nobody thought a mall kiosk cigar shop would ever make it. They were wrong.

In 2005, we decided to expand the business and become a “big boy” cigar shop. We knew we needed something special in order to differentiate ourselves from other cigar shops in Denver. We found the perfect space in Lone Tree, and set forth to create a world class cigar bar, cocktail lounge and jazz bar, aptly named The Robusto Room. The jazz part of the equation didn't quite last (today we host DJs regularly), but everything else did. We’ve become highly regarded in the Denver nightlife scene, and our post-modernistic approach to the world of cigar bars has been well received by people all over the world. 

The Robusto Room, while unconventional, is my vision of a cigar bar for the modern era. I hope you agree...

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Peter S. Roth