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Five years ago, when Alan Laws launched his whiskey distillery, Laws Whiskey, he was Colorado distiller No. 24. Today, the state boasts about 80.

There’s a notable micro-distillery movement in Colorado, and whiskey is leading the trend.

Here are our 10 favorite ways to celebrate whiskey in Colorado during your next Mile High vacation.


8.  The Robusto Room

Order the Fire & Rye: Bulleit rye, pear liqueur, cardamaro and served in asmoking mason jar, at The Robusto Room in Lone Tree. This sophisticated, sultry lounge is one of only six cigar bars in the state, and it specializes in handcrafted cocktails and specialty whiskeys.

The Robusto Room serves more than 24 bourbons, 10 ryes, three Japanese whiskeys and other highly curated spirits.

Another must-try drink: South of Heaven, made with Old Forester Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, cinnamon tea and Amara Ciociara.

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